Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Spring Stuff

Sunday was the epitome of a perfect spring day. Perfect spring Sundays in Buenos Aires call for a walk to the park, 1/4 kilo of ice cream in hand to eat once you get there.
Then you can eat your ice cream while you watch the all-girl skate competition.
Or you can walk along and stop to see a band playing in their Sunday best.
Then you can buy an empanada chew toy at one of the flea market stands that border the park, as everyone in Argentina deserves an empanada, even the dogs.
A bit farther along you might run into a murga, a sort of drum beating/singing/costumed dancer performance that is traditional in small communites and neighborhoods in Argentina and Uruguay. The unison drum beating and non-subtle costumes act as a pretty good tip off that a murga's going on.
I'm not sure why water makes everything nicer, but it always does.
So does lying under trees.
If you aren't quite satisfied with the day, you can always get churros delivered to your door later.
Ok, maybe I'm not completely out of my winter mindset yet (though the girls that sell churros on the corners in Once during the winter have already switched over to soft-serve). Thank god you can get absolutely anything delivered in this city.

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