Monday, February 7, 2011

Toto, We´re Not in Argentina Anymore

Instead, this would be Colombia, land of gorgeous vegetation, great dancers and an seemingly unendless supply of breast and butt implants. Anecdotal proof of the ubiquitousness of said surgeries: last weekend I was at a bar talking to two friends of friends, and one of them asked the other where his girlfriend was. He replied that she had just had liposuction and was recovering at home. Dude, nothing worse than a girlfriend who's recently had surgery, the other guy replied sympathetically (sympathetic I guess to the plight of the dude, not the girlfriend?)

I´ve been here since the middle of December, arriving just in time for the famous Fería de Cali, Felipe´s brother´s wedding, and to eat the copious amounts of buñuelos and natilla that are de rigueur in Colombia in December (I´m guessing lipo surgeries are popular in January?)

My sister even came for the festivities. We ate lots of unrecognizable fruits, danced in the street, and did all the things gringas love to do when they travel to foreign countries (except for maybe the drugs). She even got to help Felipe's mother grate coconut to make coconut rice for 50 people while I stood by and laughed while making the desserts (hand-grating coconut may have replaced blanching almonds at the top of her whythehellwouldyoudothiswhenyoucanbuyitalreadydone list). She was, however, duly impressed when Felipe's aunt pulled over to the side of the road in order to talk a dude into cutting plantains from his tree so we could eat them fried for dinner. So so not in Argentina anymore...

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