Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Worldview 2.0

I'm not in Argentina anymore, but I got a big kick out of this (which was drawn up by an Argentinean graphic design student after seeing this map, which I would say is just as ridiculous, and just as valid). For those in need of translation:

The World According to Argentines
Alaska: U.S. Annex
Canada: the one above the U.S.
U.S.: Yankeeland (pronounced shan-kee)
Mexico: dubbed movies come from here
Colombia: coke comes from here
Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia: housecleaning ladies
Paraguay: cheap mp3s, DVDs and sneakers
Chile: jealous people (don't ever tell an Argentine Chilean wine, or Chilean anything, is better)
Falkland Islands: Malvinas (Argentinean name for the island; their loss to Britain continues to be a sore spot)
Uruguay: another one of Argentina's provinces
Brazil: partying and happy times (Argentineans adore Brazilians are quick to tell you about what a happy, sexually liberated people they are...which tells you something about Argentines...)
Africa: topless women on National Geographic
Spain: go there in times of crisis
Central Europe: Nazis
Northern Europe: lots of blond people
Russia: guards with funny hats that have to stand still
Middle East: Turkish suicide bombers
Asia: supermarket owners (other than the big chains, almost all supermarkets in Buenos Aires are owned by Asian the stores are called chinos)
Japan: identical people with cameras
Australia: boxing kangaroos

And for the record, I do think the map is missing an omnipotent god-like figure looking down on the world, because that's where you would find Maradona.

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  1. Ohh genial encontrarme con este blog, de alguien que nos ve desde afuera con tanto respeto. Le mapa es muy original y tu comentario sobre D10s es muy acertado!