Sunday, July 3, 2011

Just a bit

This is not the greatest picture because it was taken from the car, but let me explain. On the left you have Reyes y Sacerdotes (Kings and Priests), which is an evangelical church. On the right you have Apartahotel 7 Maravillas (Hotel 7 Wonders), an hourly sex hotel, I'm guessing with themed rooms. It cracks me up every time we drive by. The names even complement each other! It just inspires so many questions. Do they have a good neighborly relationship? Who moved in first? How many clients might they have in common (a different kind of one stop shopping, shall we say)? 

I should add that (apropos the last question, which was only meant to be partially flippant), like in Argentina, because so many people live with their parents until they are in their late twenties or early thirties, sex hotels are not considered nearly as sleazy here as they are in the U.S. Also, they often have bathtubs, something that most houses in Cali don't have. Recently a friend had the chickenpox and I told her that she should take an oatmeal bath. ¿En dónde? Oops, forgot about that minor detail.  

Not only do most houses in Cali not have bathtubs, most don't have hot water, either. The 80 degree year-round temperature means that most people don't find it necessary. I, on the hand, can't get completely used to it (though I appreciate that my shower time has been reduced by 3/4), and sometimes when I'm at an event with lots of people (who are always impeccably groomed) I look around and think to myself all of these people bathed in cold water before coming here, and it makes me shudder just a bit at the memory.

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