Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy Virtual Chanukah: Day 1

Although Chanukah is the most well known Jewish holiday among non-Jewish Americans, it´s really pretty minor as far as Jewish festivals go. In my family we light candles, attempt to sing a couple of songs in Hebrew that no one knows the words to, eat latkes, and then my mom gives us all ugly socks (she tries to outdo herself every year-- I have received socks with a crocheted Little Bo Peep on the big toe and glued on sheep on each toe. Apparently Kohl's is a good resource for these kind of things.) We all exchange presents, but generally nothing too fancy. This year, being on the other side of the planet, I´m obviously not going to participate in the festivities, minimal as they may be. I decided that I'd like to exert my presence virtually, in a far more high-rolling way than I ever do in life, for the 8 days of Chanukah, starting today with my mom, who says she never wants anything.

Grow your own mushroom kit, because it's super cool, and to accompany the garden. 

"Happiness branch" earrings: goofy name, but I like the simplicity of the design for her.

Beautiful depression glass pitcher.

My mother is the scrabble queen of the world. How we didn't have refrigerator scrabble growing up I have no idea.

Cashmere sweater which she would never buy for herself (and 'cause it has "batwings").

Though she makes Amish-style quilts that are way on the other side of the quilting spectrum (let's pretend that exists), I couldn't help but be reminded of her with this "Naked in my dreams again" quilt (classic my mother). 

A Kiva loan in her name, because finding ways to help people help themselves is way cooler than donating money.

As Tina Fey says, "you're no one until someone calls you bossy." My mom, whether she realizes it or not, has taught me a lot about how the world receives professional women. Although she hasn't watched SNL regularly in years, I think she and Tina Fey would have a lot to talk about.

Chag sameach everybody! I wish I was there to not remember the words to Maotzur with you, but I'll just have to force latkes upon a bunch of unsuspecting South Americans instead. Beijos!

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