Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happy Virtual Chanukah: Day 2

Chanukah day 2: I spent the afternoon at the beach. Then we left because Felipe was burning. I don't know how it's possible that pale Jewish skin withstands far more sun than mestizo, please-give-me-shit-at-U.S.-immigration skin, but let me tell you, Felipe is currently a lovely early summer red, and I continue to match the (white) wall. Virtual chanukah day 2 is dedicated to my equally pale brother, Max. If I was in the states right now, we'd probably be in my mother's kitchen, setting off the fire alarm.
 Flannel shirt, because it looks nice and is comfortable and warm.
Kit Kat Clock, to get to class/work on time, and because it's amusing and "classic" (the eyes and tail move back and forth!)

After my brother visited us in Argentina, he became minorly obsessed with Ruben Blades, and has been singing "Plástico" to me over Skype, American accent be damned, ever since. Timba is what salsa has evolved into in Cuba. I love it. Isaac Delgado is a great place to start.

Yellow submarine tea strainer, for long nights in the lab.

 Cashmere hoodie, to live in all winter.

Mortar and pestle, to grind up anything and everything (and impress girls with).

I have never seen a more perfect present for someone who spends so much of his time playing air guitar. You can play the t-shirt!

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