Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Happy Virtual Chanukah: We're coming to a close but I'm still not done

I am slow and apparently not great at daily posts, so we are now at the penultimate one...please do bare with me. It seems I'm going to out-Chanukah Chanukah. Dads are hard to get presents for (assuming they aren't the power tool-liking type, which mine is, um, not. We're Jews, remember? Jews who want to keep their limbs intact don't buy power tools.) Mine likes to watch the Blues Brothers and drink chocolate soy milk, then argue with my brother about Bayesian statistics (believe it or not, I am not actually the biggest nerd in my family).

Nut of the month club (the edible kind, not the Republican primaries), for snacking

Elbow patch sweater, because all professors need one (and because it's been way too long since he had a herringbone jacket)
Salt book, for someone who loves history and told me 10,000 times to read Guns, Germs and Steel 

 Electric violin, for the person who has had the same well-worn violin since he was 12, to occasionally have another option and to impress the younger guys with  

Da Ali G Show Compleet Seereez, because what's funnier than a fake white rapper interviewing Donald Trump (hint: nothing)

Cachaça minas: for someone who likes to sip whiskey, slivovitz, or grappa (no joke) in the evenings, cachaça minas is like the good bourbon version of cheap whiskey; the cachaça that most people know (if they know it at all) is the cheap kind that's used to make caipirinhas, but cachaça minas (cachaça from the state of Minas Gerais, next to Rio de Janeiro) is really nice to drink slowly and unadulterated, relaxing with friends or with a book  

Turntable than converts records into mp3s, for obvious reasons

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