Monday, January 2, 2012

Arnold in Rio

This video is INSANE. I can't tell if it's actually supposed to be serious in any way at all. All I can say is, not so shocked by last year's scandal in the California governor's mansion...and if anyone ever tried to teach me the word "biting" that way, I think I'd do my best to bite their hand off.


  1. A friend showed me this right after I moved here! She calls it soft porn, the way he says "biting biting". If Arnold's wife had seen this before she married him, hopefully she wouldn't have. What an idiot. Who is he to teach anyone English (at that time)?

  2. Haha yeah the soft-focus thing doesn´t help much either. And when he makes binoculars/owl eyes (??) with his fingers! I find the whole thing absolutely mind-boggling.