Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy Chanukah, Happy New Year

Happy Chanukah turned into Happy New Year, and we got seriously rained on at the beach here in Copacabana. We still had a good time, though, and I only paused a couple of times to wonder how good a combination drunk people + ocean might be. Along with 2011, I am belatedly drawing to a close my virtual Chanukah quest, with my grandfather, who was sick recently but is steadily on the mend.

Catherine The Great biography, recommended as one of the best books of the year

Flannel-lined khakis, for long walks in the winter

Peacetime, a movie we really enjoyed about Brazil and European immigration after World War II 

Cool and easy-to-read watch

Vegetarian meat and potatoes cookbook, for the ham and cheese order-er in the family, so my grandmother will let him eat something at least resembling meat and potatoes every day
Fleece-lined cap, because it's warm and looks nice

Happy New Year to everyone, happy belated Chanukah to my family and happy belated birthday to my mother (Dec. 31)!

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