Saturday, April 7, 2012

Passover 2012, Rio de Janeiro

Definitely not the most traditional nor the most elegant seder I've ever been a part of-- we used wasabi instead of horseradish, paper plates, and I made the matzoh (yes, you read that right, I made the matzoh)-- but I was grateful to be in the company of friends, even if they had no clue what on earth was going on. And they didn't even complain when my explanations as to why, exactly, they had to dip parsley into salt water and eat it, and why, exactly, there was a bone on the plate in the center of the table were less than stellar. Felipe said, sympathetically, well, we don't have the books (meaning the haggadahs). Ha. Years and years of Hebrew school, and for what?

We ate Hillel sandwiches and matzoh ball soup and wild rice pilaf and vanilla bean flan with matzoh brittle. At one point one of our friends, who is half Colombian half Peruvian, said, this is so cool, I love eating ethnic food. Which made me crack up. Eye of the beholder, indeed. And much love to those who participated.

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