Sunday, May 13, 2012

Veio, viu, saiu

He came, he saw, he left. We had a wonderful time with my dad here, though he arrived to a particularly rainy week here in Rio. We went to a lot of concerts, ate lots of fish, and took a lovely trip down to Ilha Grande, a (big) island a couple of hours away. Despite barely being able to figure out how to use his semi-new iPhone, my dad took some really nice pictures with it.

Doesn't Rio look like a to-scale model of a cityscape here? We were up in favela called Dona Marta, where, little did we know, Michael Jackson shot a music video years ago.
I'm not a big military history person, but someone suggested we go to a fort in Niteroi, the smaller, lovely city across the bay from Rio de Janeiro. The place was gorgeous, and our tour group couldn't have been more entertaining, between the self-professed history buff brothers grilling the soldier who was our guide (and who clearly wanted to chuck the guys over the side of the fort) to the engaged couple who brought along photographers to take sappy pictures of them in front of the crumbling jail cells.  
I had never been to Ilha Grande before, which somehow manages to be an extremely chill, affordable, bugless island paradise. It's a hard life that mainly involves deciding what beach you feel like going to for the afternoon, and what flavor of ice cream you want (try the corn? stick with the mint chocolate chip?) come mid-afternoon.
Bye Dad! It was great to have you. Next time we'll go see the pink dolphins in the Amazons (for real, I am not making this up).

If you're interested in a music-oriented trip to Rio de Janeiro, here are some of the places we took my dad:

Bar do Marcô
Rua Almirante Alexandrino, 412
Largo dos Guimarães, Santa Teresa
+55 21 2531 8787  
(Choro Saturday afternoons)

Bar Semente
Rua Joaquim Silva, 138
+55 21 9781 2451 
(Choro, samba and bossa nova

Clube de Renascença- Samba do Trabalhador
Barão de São Francisco, 54
+55 21 3253 2322
(Samba Mondays from 4-9 pm) 

Feira de São Cristóvão
Campo de São Cristóvão, 87
São Cristóvão
+55 21 2589 7970 
(Forro and other music from northeastern Brazil) 

Leviano Bar
Rua Mem de Sá, 49
+55 21 2507 5967
(Forro Thursday nights after midnight)


  1. Ah, how nice! I can't wait for my parents to come out. Sounds like you guys had a lovely time. São Cristovão is great isn't it? So much fun in a good, honest, unpretentious kinda way.

    p.s. your Dad has a cool moustache! :)

  2. Glad that you and your Dad had a great time! He did take nice pictures. I will save your music recommendations, I have been to Rio twice and I am sure I will go again.

    It is nice to get away from the energy of Rio. Try Paqueta sometime, I had a lovely time, we rented bikes and rode all day on streets where bikes and people were the only traffic. The beaches aren't nice though, because they have brackish water.

    1. Hey Daneris! Yeah, it's definitely a bit of a relief to get out of the city, I only recently realized how close a lot of really nice, chill places are. We went to Rio das Ostras for a jazz festival last week which is 2 hours away and it was totally lovely (though it RAINED THE WHOLE TIME!)

    2. I'll have to check out Paqueta sometime, thanks for the recommendation!