Monday, July 30, 2012

Some pictures from July 20th, before:

...and during:

After planning and working on a large event, there's nothing like going to other peoples events and just hanging out; in Brazil, the winter months (Southern hemisphere, baby) are punctuated by Festas Juninas (June festivals) which turn into Festas Julinas (July festivals). Just down the street from our house, every Friday, Saturday and Sunday for the past month or so, come nightfall venders set up food stands, music blares and the whole neighborhood comes out, dressed to dance and socialize (we showed up in jeans and hoodies the first time, completely unaware of the club-like dress code and utterly conspicuous). Other than the socializing aspect, Festas Juninas seem to be a good excuse to drink a lot of beer... gamble on the local soccer teams...

...and to eat (very sweet) sweets typical of the season. The chocolate covered ones decorated with a single nut on top are enormous but pleasant, filled with a creamy nut filling, as are the egg custard tarts, though they are really at the upper limit of sweetness that I go for.

Last Saturday was Peru's Independence Day, and we went to an event organized by a Peruvian cook to eat delicious, delicious Peruvian food. The place was cramped, the line for food was long and slow, but we were happy to sit and relax (and seriously, Peruvian food is amazing). We left full and unstressed, the only preoccupation being that now we need to figure how to make Peruvian green rice.

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