Thursday, November 29, 2012

Fans of footchie-ball

As in the rest of South America, futebol (rhymes with cootchie-mall) is without a doubt Brazil's national sport. Because the Brazilians are hosting the next World Cup, in 2014, they automatically qualify and therefore don't have to compete to secure their spot-- and yes, it's only 2012 but the elimination rounds have already started. But there are tons of "friendly" international games up until then (not to mention the local teams, which people are passionately devoted to), and people get just as into watching them even though there aren't really any consequences to losing. A few weeks ago Brazil played Colombia, and large groups from both sides gathered to watch the game in a Colombian-owned establishment in Lapa, one of the downtown neighborhoods. The Brazilians are in the yellow, blue and green shirts, while the Colombians are in the yellow, blue and red shirts (confusing, I know, and not readily distinguishable). I do like watching soccer, but sometimes it's even more fun to watch other peoples' reactions.

The game ended up being a tie-- no resulting to penalty kicks when the outcome doesn't actually matter-- so both sides went home frustrated. And when I say "both sides went home frustrated" I mean "both sides went to another bar where they drank a lot of beer and danced samba in the rain until 5 a.m." Life's tough.


  1. Hey Eva,

    What a great idea for a photo shoot! It's great to see people's reactions. I always had this idea to somehow surreptitiously take photos of people's expressions when they're out in the rain, but your idea is better because 1) no one is conscious of you taking photos because they're all concentrating on the football and 2) who wants to see people looking grumpy in the rain?! :)

    Can you tell me the name/address of that bar? Do they sell Colombian food?

  2. Yeah, taking pictures of people is pretty awkward...I guess that's one of the reasons cell phone cameras have become so popular, that way you can hide it better, ha.
    The bar (it's actually more like a bakery/restaurant) is called Mekatos, the address is Rua Riachuelo 126. They sell some Colombian food (and decent pandebono when they're fresh out of the oven) but most of the food is Brazilian. I've frankly had mixed experiences there, it's kind of an odd place and it seems like they can't really decide on what kind of place they want to be.