Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Carnaval 2013

Back in Brazil, just in time for Carnaval. One of the events I've most enjoyed was the bloco (street carnival band) in our neighborhood, which was definitely more "dress up with the little kids and dance in the street" than "get smashed, vomit in the street and make out with anyone in sight," as many blocos tend to be.

This bloco is called "Pinto Sarado" which means (straight face here) "Brave Cock."  See (below)? Not what you were thinking.


You can imagine what the streets look like after this many people drink and party in them. Now multiply that by 1,000 and you can begin to imagine what Rio looks like right about now, on the last official day of Carnaval. I'm oddly relieved for things to go back to normal tomorrow. Transportation that works! Streets that (hopefully) don't smell like pee and vomit! Open banks/supermarkets! Of course Carnaval is a lot of fun and I do love the fact that blocos are all-inclusive and often tied to the community. And Brazilians know how to have a good time maybe even more so than Colombians, which is no small feat.

Speaking of which, I'm still backed up with stuff from the Colombia trip, which will be showing up around here soon (including a trip to Santa Marta for the Colombian travel board), not trying to be confusing, but I am back in Portugueselandia for now.

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