Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A "proper" Brazilian party

Ok, so I lied, two posts about Brazil in a week does not a Brazil week make. Note to future self: don't promise posts that depend on information that is not in your current possession, e.g. verifying recipe proportions, photos from places that aren't your house etc.

But I do have one more Brazil-centric post for now. And it's about parties, birthday parties specifically, and what makes a good one around here. A couple of weeks ago I went to a great birthday party-- lots of music, good food, and happy people-- but even at the time, the thought occurred to me that the party would not have been good under similar circumstances in the states. In fact, I am quite sure that arriving 5 hours late to a birthday party in someone's back patio for a cookout as a huge storm hits and during which the power goes out for hours would be a recipe for disaster in the states. Right? Your friend would be pissed for your lateness (or you would just miss the whole damn party), as soon as the storm hit people would head inside, and as soon as the electricity went out people would go home. But in Rio, the rain pours down, the power goes out, and nobody blinks. I was actually filming when the power went out (and we were already huddled under the roof on the patio).

The birthday guy is the guy dancing in a speedo-- he was dealing with the water running off the tarps rigged up to protect us from the rain and just gave up at being dry at some point. We stayed until late, bellies full of feijoada and beer and sickly sweet cake. And I don't think it even occurred to anyone that the party was a failure, because it wasn't. 

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  1. That was a seriously happening party!! I hope he invites us next year too :D